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The July 1st BCNC Celebration at Oasis was one for the books. There were 43 tables in play, breaking a record set June 9th 2007 when the Unit hosted a thank you party for Ken Vavra at the Escondido Bridge Center. A spillover crowd (extra space provided by an adjacent church) of over 160 players turned out to recognize Ken’s contribution to bridge in San Diego North County. After 10 years of club ownership and teaching bridge Ken retired.


BCNC Celebration Game - July 1st, 2023

This was a great way to celebrate our new club location, and to introduce bridge players throughout San Diego County to a wonderful new bridge facility.  On the day we utilized the 20 table BCNC game room for the 499er section, and that was max'd out. And, we utilized the neighboring Oasis Assembly Room for another 23 tables for the Open game.  Wow, 43 tables on our opening day!  Our Oasis host was Mark Allan, Board Vice Chair at Oasis who was gracious in welcoming bridge to the great new Oasis facility in Rancho Bernardo. Mark confirmed the mutual objectives of Oasis and BCNC to provide an environment for learning and activity for the senior community. More details about Oasis here

Many thanks to game directors John Coulombe and Ruth Arohnson for their professional and friendly oversight of the game.

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