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Get your results from BCNC games.

Access Unit 549 game results.

Sectional and Tournament results can be accessed with this link.

The BCNC Board has adopted the ACBL Open Chart as the standard for allowable conventions.  Click to read about ACBL Convention Charts. 

Master Points

Masterpoints are the exclusive currency of the ACBL as the measure of achievement in duplicate bridge competition. Masterpoints are awarded in six “color” categories, and are essential to rank advancement. The ACBL has 16 player ranks that require a specific number and color of masterpoints.


Black points are awarded for overall positions, section positions, and match awards in ACBL-sanctioned club games, in all unit events and in all other levels of tournament competition except those in which gold, red or silver points or net points are awarded.

Silver points are awarded for success in events at sectional tournaments. Progressive sectionals and Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaCs) also award silver points.

Red points are awarded for all regional-rated events at North American Bridge Championships (NABCs) and for all events at a regional tournament when the masterpoints are not gold. Grand National Teams (GNT) events, North American Pairs (NAP) events and other special games afford players the opportunity to earn red points at their local clubs.

Gold points are awarded at NABCs in national-rated events that have an upper limit of at least 750 masterpoints. Gold points are awarded for overall positions and for section firsts in all two-session, regional-rated events with an upper limit of at least 750 masterpoints at NABCs and regional tournaments. Pairs filling in for one session of a two-session event receive any gold points earned. Partial gold-point awards are given for certain special events.

Platinum points are awarded for NABC+ events (which are national-rated events with no upper masterpoint limit) and include the national-rated senior and women’s events.

Unpigmented points are awarded for success in online play and are colorless.

Scoring, explained

Duplicate bridge games are often scored using match points (MPs), but can also be scored using international master points (IMPs). When playing MPs your score is compared to the other teams that played the same hands, and you receive points as follows:  Your MP on each hand is based on your score on that hand compared to the other pairs holding the same cards. You get one MP for each pair whose score you beat, and one-half MP for each pair whose score you tie.  The highest number of MPs you can get on a board is one less than the number of times the board was played.  Most Club games are scored using MPs.

IMPs is the normal method of scoring in team events, or any event where only two tables play each board. When playing IMPs, your score on a contract is compared to the score of the other team who played the same hands. You are then either rewarded or penalized a certain number of IMPs based on the difference: the larger the difference, the greater the IMPs earned.

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